Where should I start?


You can get listed today by creating a public profile for a Finger Lakes area cultural nonprofit or creative business that is searchable on the site.

Or you can search our registry to dig into artists, cultural nonprofit organizations and creative businesses in the Finger Lakes.

What does NYAA do?


The New York Alliance for the Arts facilitates, communicates, educates, advocates and celebrates on behalf of the creative arts sector of the greater Finger Lakes region.

What do you mean by the "creative sector?"


The Creative Sector includes all individuals, organizations and businesses that use creativity to generate and enhance their craft. The creative sector overlaps with numerous other sectors as well – tourism, education, placemaking, health & well-being, economic development, government, environment, philanthropy, manufacturing and more!

NYAA’s FLX Inspired Registry was created to identify, quantify and network the creative individuals, organizations and business that contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of the Finger Lakes region.

Where can I find a painter, musician, etc?


NYAA’s FLX Inspired Registry is a comprehensive database featuring the artists working in the Finger Lakes region.  Member artists are listed by discipline for easy identification. Member artists can provide artist bios, images, video links and web links that spotlight their talent and can be contacted directly.

Where do I find a place to create art?


NYAA’s FLX Inspired Registry lists venues available for creative uses.  These facilities listings include size, accessibility and other distinct features.

Where do I find auditions or calls to artists?


NYAA’s arts calendar not only lists art exhibits, musical performances and theatrical experiences for the general public, it also lists both calls to artists and auditions posted by our member organizations. Check it out now!

Why should I be a member of the New York Alliance for the Arts?


NYAA members are the backbone of our organization.

  1. We turn to members first for opinions, insights, ideas and opportunities.

  2. We work to sustain & grow the creative sector for you, your business and your family through arts education, public art projects, advocacy work and so much more.

  3. We market you – members get priority for inclusion in our website listings, social media shout outs and arts programming opportunities.

  4. Your support enables us to advocate for arts and cultural access and resources for you and your community.

  5. When issues arise that may impact the creative community we are there to represent you, the creative voice, and the vibrancy of the entire Finger Lakes region.

How do I get my information on the arts calendar?


Include public contact information (name, email address and/or phone number), website, exact dates and times of your event (if applicable) and a brief (2-3 sentence) description.

If your information is already publicly available on an online calendar, please ensure that it includes all of the above information, and provide us with that link. Member organizations may also be given write-access to a NYAA-internal "staging calendar" which can be used to enter your event information more directly.

Email your calendar inclusion request to calendar@NYArtsAlliance.org. (Not yet available.)

Events and calls for art or auditions should be sent at least 6 weeks before the deadline.

Space is limited, and priority goes to individuals and organizations who are members of the New York Alliance for the Arts.

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