New York Alliance for the Arts, NYAA, was created to serve as a catalyst for the commemoration, growth and innovation of arts and culture in the Finger Lakes region.

Founded by a group of art professionals and business leaders wanting to better connect the region's arts community with local businesses, tourism and other arts initiatives for the greater good. This alliance identifies the skills, resources and best arts practices of the region, often working in isolation, and offers them a platform for self-promotion, networking collaborations, professional development and joint advocacy. 

By working with artists, art organizations and arts related businesses, NYAA is a powerful resource, facilitator, educator and collaborator, empowering individual artists and energizing the arts community.  NYAA builds on the premise that a synthesis of strong individuals and groups working together builds a vibrant creative community.  NYAA’s programming serves to weave these arts individuals and groups into the social, civic, physical and economic fabric of the Finger Lakes community.

NYAA’s programming will

  • Celebrate artistic traditions and break new creative ground;
  • Encourage the development of several generations of artists, art entities and participants;
  • Stimulate community engagement and cultural understanding.
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